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The special school caters nearly 200 peoples in educating and special needs of all levels of Mental Retardation ranging from the Mild to the  Profound. Diagnostic and therapeutic services to children with developmental, socio-emotional, behavioral, learning, hearing, speech and language problem is provided at the center. Improved equipment and professional manpower is an integral  component for the comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services provided at the center.

The school made a humble beginning in the year 1973 with hardly five students and 4 staff members and has grown to a strength of 170 students with 20 staff members. Presently it provides residential facility for about 45 students. Education and Training is also provided to a large number of mentally challenged children who belong to the Happy Home of the centre which is a home for the orphans. The centre not only provides a home for these orphan children but provides them education and training leading them towards a life of independence. Over the years it has gained the reputation of being one of the best schools. The current strength of the school is 170 of which 28% students have Mild level of retardation, 60% are Moderately retarded while 12%  of the school strength have Severe level of Mental Retardation.


Balabata is a development initiative for nearly 1200 Dalit children in 4 districts who are in the age group of 5-10 years enrolled in the local primary schools. The teachers in the Primary school are appointed and paid by the State government. Most of the teachers stay in the nearby towns but not in the villages where they are supposed to stay and work. Hence the teachers failed to devote more time to students. The illiterate parents neglect their children’s education. Hence the drop out rate is high.The reduce the drop out rate the Balabata program was started.

The Balabata program is four fold:                                                                                                           TOP

  • Education through play way methods-Songs and Scripts.

  • Encouraging children to motivate their parents to start Kitchen gardens at their homes.                              

  • Encouraging children in Clean and green activities.

  • Enabling their parents to take up Income Generation programs.                                                               


Seventy percent of the students at Child Guidance Centre belong to the low socio economic status. Over the 3 decades it was realized that the main cause behind poor parental involvement in the school programs was their economic status. As parents were too busy in making a livelihood they were unable to invest their time in the school activities of their children. As parental support and interaction is a key factor to the development of a child, it was decided to support the parents financially by providing them loans to support better employment. Over the last two years 555 children / parents have utilized this opportunity and have expressed their satisfaction. These students were provided vocational training to support their parents thus indirectly helping those (mentally challenged adults) towards gainful environment. 


Statistics reveal that a large percentage of the disabled populations are in rural areas. The Deputy General Secretary has taken a special course in related to CBR through the kind support from KIA, The Netherlands. Regular Camps are conducted in different districts to identify the disabled and provide them with proper support and referrals and involving several stake holders. Door to door surveys are conducted at regular intervals to identify the handicapped and help them by providing them appropriate information regarding services available. 

HAPPY HOME                                                                                                                                                 TOP

Child Guidance Centre –Special school for the mentally challenged caters only to the special needs of the Mentally Challenged. Since there is an ever growing demand for the services from other less privileged, under privileged, needy poor and uncared children, it was decided to extend services to this needy population. Happy Home is a project of Child Guidance Centre which started in the year 2003 with a vision of rehabilitating the street children and child labor by providing them shelter, love and affection. Happy Home was started to cater the needs of uncared, unwanted Orphans by providing them Shelter, Love and Affection. Many of the children are not having parents, some are having step-father or step-mother and they are being treated indifferently by them, some are having drunkard father, some are having differences of opinion with their parents regarding their education, some are interested in studies but their parents are not willing to send them for studies due to their financial conditions (forced labour). Happy Home is a big Shelter for all of them. Here they are provided nutritious food, clothing, shelter and friendly, affectionate environment. 

The program envisages multidimensional activities from the stage of survey to the stage of eventual rehabilitation of the street children leading them to a path of independence making them self supporting adults by providing them shelter, food, clothing, health care, protection, education, training, skill development and placement assistance. The program includes restoration to parental care, whenever this course is found feasible and desirable in the interest of the child concerned.

During the last three years the following is the table:
Total number of Children Sheltered 444
Total number of children restored to parents and guardians 72
Number of children deserted happy home 101
Number of children studying in Government schools 231
Number of children joined in Vocational Courses 40


Toby school is a branch of Child Guidance Centre (Special school for the mentally challenged in rural area) established in the year 2002 at Swarnanagar, Ghatkesar. A survey conducted in and around the Ghatkesar Mandal revealed a large population of the mentally challenged. The TOBI School was established to cater 60 pupils to the special needs of this population. 

A large number of street children from the Happy Home were diagnosed as mentally challenged. The Tobi school provides special services to these children of the Happy Home, apart from special education thus helping them to be independent individuals. 

Dr. LUCY DULFER HOME FOR THE AGED                                                                                                          TOP

A survey conducted in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad revealed a large number of citizens above the age of 55 who were abandoned by their families. Dr Lucy Dulfer Home for the Aged was established in the year 2002 to provide love and care to these unfortunate people. It is a home which serves the old age people in making them self reliant, self content and self satisfied citizens. 

A Few inmates of the home are provided economic support to start some petty business in the form of Self-Help Programmes thereby create an opportunity of self-sustainability. The business include, selling flowers, snacks and tea, making wrappers and covers, candle making, chalk making, phenyl making, toilet cleaning powder and preparations of local snacks. Training is provided to them for a period of 4 months in different trades after which they choose their own business. Such self supporting activities make them feel confident and they can live an independent life. Medical and health camps are organized with the cooperation of Lion’s and Rotary club for the inmates of the home. 

“Prevention is better than cure” as such to fight against spreading of HIV/AIDS through cultural programmes is the main endeavor/aim for this unique project and reach the un-reached. The cultural team attracts the attention of the public through (Dam Dora) drum beating. 

The assembled public were explained , enacted through songs and street theaters about HIV/AIDS, precautions to be observed to prevent its attack . The message was well received and admired by 100 villages , covering 20000 rural and urban population and it will be carried forward to many uncovered villages , districts .


The Dr. Ranjan Babu Vocational Junior College was established in the year 2004. The main motive behind starting this college was to provide educational opportunities to those students who would otherwise find it difficult to obtain admission in regular colleges with their low socio economic status and grades. In these days were human values are neglected the college students are being enriched / explained about to love thy neighbor and thyself , treat the disable on par with other normal children and involve them selves in being as elder sister or brother for the orphan children. The RVJC provides vocational training courses to students after the completion of the 10th standard, which would lead them to employment in their respective fields in a relatively short time
period. The college offers the following courses:

1. Diploma in Physiotherapy
2. Multi Purpose Health worker.
3. Medical Lab Technician.
4. Accounting and Taxation.
5. Primary Teacher Training Course.
6. Certificate course in Tourism and Travel.

MEDICAL CAMPS                                                                                                                                               TOP

The mission of Child Guidance Centre is to serve the poor and needy. Several Medical, Health, Eye, Dental, and AIDS awareness camps are conducted at regular intervals in semi-urban and rural areas. About 6000 children and adults with different types of vision problem were identified in the camps. 3000 were provided free medication and spectacles. About 3160 have been operated free of cost. This could be accomplished with the cooperation of the Lion’s and Rotary Club. 

A number of disabled populations are identified through these camps wherein proper referral services are given to them. The physically disabled are provided with free calipers, walkers and wheel chairs while the hearing impaired is given free hearing aids and appliances. 


The Catostrophy which has killed several people in different countries has has made us a part in relief and rehabilitating the disturbed families and people by providing food, clothing, nets, boats, ice storage boxes . CGC is thankful for all the friends who have really come out in supporting our cause . Two community shelters, one hostel for 50 tsunami orphon children, and construction of 103 houses were made possible only thorugh the timely donations send by the well wishers.


The Tsunami which has hit the Southern Coastal Part of India has made many people Homeless, Loss their belongings like fishing nets, boats and other infrastructure which is normally used for fishing. The tragedic situations which has happened to several thousands of families was a shocked. They are many children who have lost their parents and now they are Orphans and Semi Orphans who have been in a depress situation and not in a state of thinking what has really happened. Many children who have lost their parents have been looking for a hope where some one will come and help them. At this juncture CGC has identified Orphans and Semi-Orphans Children and feeding them.

These children who are at risk has to be empower and see the parentally love which they have lost should be subsidized in organizing a home for them where in they have a better place to live. CGC has started a centre for children for 50 in Guntur Districts where in they will be staying with us for 2 years and during this 2 years the children will be given adequate care and hospitality giving them the priority of their interest like Vocational Courses and counsel the child and bring them into the main stream track of Education.

During this 2 years the CGC is exploring the possibilities in admitting these children to Government Hostels where in they can study upto 10th Class and later the 11th and the 12th class they will take up their education in Dr. Ranjan Babu Vocational Junior College which is offering several subjects like Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medical Lab Technology, Desktop Publishing, Office Secretary Ship, Crech & Pre-School Management. After these courses they will be in a state of getting employment any where, and we will educate some children to go back to their own places and work for their own people.

The vocational skills which they learn with us during two years apart for getting daily School Education will really help them to use these techniques in setting up Self-Employment Programmes once they are majors. During their stay with us we will take these children to different Historical Places and Entertainment Places where in the mind set-up of the child will be changed and a positive thinking would arise that they are the future citizens of this Country.

Every child below the age of 18 years has the right to

• Be protected against all forms of discrimination or punishment.
• Quality and social justice.
• Life, survival and sustainable development including a sage environment.
• Leisure, play, love support and security of the family and a home.
• Information, freedom of expression, thought, association and assembly.
• Participation in all matters concerning children.
• Access the media and express their views.
• Enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health.
• Nutritious food, clean water, shelter and adequate standard of living.
• Free, quality, compulsory education.
• Protection from all forms of economic exploitation.
• Protection from torture, or other cruel, in human or degrading treatment.
• Protection and care of deprived children in an environment of dignity and access to legal and other appropriate assistance.
• Protection of every child alleged as, accused of infringing penal law to be treated with dignity ensuring the child’s freedoms and human rights.
• Ensure that in all actions concerning children the best interests of children are paramount.



The State of Andhra Pradesh has been facing serious water shortage and the district and the village administration has been facing several problems in supplying the water to the people.

Towards this end the CGC has identified Prakasam and Guntur District which has a serious water problem and facing severe drought mostly in the summer seasons . We have also felt the need that the villages near to the sea coast who are effected with tsunami and cyclone has been facing severe water crises.

Water is life and we as CGC felt that it will be great if we can give them a chance that they will be having a public boring pump wherein they can use the water for their daily needs. How ever maintenance of the boring will be given to the local women’s group and it is the duty of them to take care of the pump. In case of repair they will be raising the money locally and see that they get it repaired.

The selected villages which were mostly drought hit areas who should walk for at least 6 kilometers for seven liters of water where in we can see that mostly the eldest daughter in the family use to collect the water and she is been drooped out of school as she has to go every day altogether 10 kilometers just to get the water.

Hence CGC would like to take up 20 underground boring pumps installed in selected villages it will be a great one for the people living in that village and that the eldest daughter in each family will go to school every day. Till now we had 4 borings pumps installed .

S.No Particulars Total Local Contribution Request from Donor
01 Cost of One boring underground
digging with machine
Rs.42000.00   Rs.42000.00
02 Installation of Hand Pump Rs.6000.00   Rs.6000.00
03 Other Unforeseen expenses Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000 contributed by local village people  
04 Construction of cement flooring around the pump Rs.1000.00 Rs.1000.00  
  Total Rs.51000.00 Rs.3000.00 Rs.48000.00

Until now we had installed 4 boring (Water Holes) through the support of POW and we are very grateful to them for supporting this cause.



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