CGC is in need of constant inflow of money/funds to carry on the programs. It is only because of a handful of Philanthropists, well wishers and patrons who are service oriented individuals/institutions that we are able to carry on our work. The money crunch is limiting our services and capabilities. In order to extend our services to the needy and poorest of the poor in bring in our self sustainability we appeal to donate liberally for this Nobel cause. Your donations will light up not only the life’s of these children but also their families.

All donations made to CGC are exempted fro income tax under section 80 G of IT Act.

Expenditure incurred for our programs is furnished for your perusal. Please encourage us to extend our services to more number of needy people:

Home for the Aged
Food and Accommodation 1200 rupees
Health and clothing 500 rupees
Total per month for one grannie 1700 rupees
Happy Home
Food and Accommodation 1300 rupees
Clothing and Contingency 500 rupees
Total per month for one child 1800 rupees
Toby School
(Intellectually challenged child expenditure)
Food and Accommodation 1300 rupees
Clothing, medicine and Contingency 600 rupees
Total per month for one child 1900 rupees

General Requirements

For helping families /parents
Of intellectually challenged
Children by providing micro credits/
Income generating programme
9000 rupees per child and family
Upgrade Physio therapy Department 80,000 rupees
Upgrade Speech therapy Department 60,000 rupees
Play material 45,000 rupees
Teaching Aids 90,000 rupees
Dress for each child 3 pairs
Per year
1050 rupees
School books, bag, colour pencils
Shoes per child per year
2000 rupees
Birth day celebrations for each child 1120 rupees
Excursion per child 1000 rupees
Cost on one tricycle 4500 rupees
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