A word from The General Secretary - M. Jaynee Rose Kumari:

Child Guidance Centre was started during 1973 to cater the needs of needy children in particular the intellectually challenged children in shaping them to be physically active, intellectually strong and socially competent. Child Guidance Centre is not an organization of words but deeds. We have been serving the needy poor in making our vision a mission. We thank the parents, staff and well wishers who have been supporting our noble deed, guiding us in reaching the most un-reached .

I whole heartedly thank The Government of India Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Dr. Ranjan Babu, Dr. P. Frank Viswanath, Mr. Xaver , POW Germany (Ulrike Paper family), Melkote family, ICCO/KIA Netherlands, Santosh Foundation, Mr. Jurgen weber, Willem de vries family, Johanase burg ( School for Intellectual Children), Hogeschool, Utrecht, Mr.Sudhir for their committed support and guidance in achieving our goals. We look forward for the same kind of support in reaching more number of people who are in need of.

According to NSSO 21.9 million disabled persons exist in the country. This constitutes about 2 % of the total population of the country. It has been estimated that 10.89 millions (of the disabled population) are Males and 7.59 are Females. About 57.50% disabled are having loco motor disability while 10.88% are blind, 4.39% are having low vision, 16.55% are having Hearing impairment, 11.65 have speech disability, 5.37% are Mentally Retarded and 5.95% are Mentally Ill.

Children with disability have always been a part of our community. As the theory of normalization holds that all the people with disability have the right to lead “normal” lives including being a part of a family, attending school and holding a job in the community. The three decades of services in this field has really made us younger in reaching our vision to the unreached.

M.Jaynee Rose Kumari.

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