Story of SAMPATH

Name : Sampath
Age : 10 Years

Sampath aged 10 years was found in a gunny bag at Secunderabad railway station in a very non-hygiene condition about four years back. He was very weak with all insects on his body with no cloths and in a very weak and unresponsive state. Keeping his physical state in mind he was first taken to the hospital for medical intervention. According to the Doctors the child had not taken food for a couple of days. 

He had to be fed and clothes were purchased for him. His nutritional intake was monitored for a few weeks. The child had no name and hence was named Sampath. He was assessed by the professionals at Child Guidance Centre and was diagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy with severe level of mental retardation. A management plan was developed for the boy which included regular physiotherapy, speech and language intervention and special education. 

Since two years he is under a special Ayurvedic treatment after which spacticity in all his limbs have reduced to a large extent. Due to this treatment he is able to sit with support and in able to eat food and hold a glass and drink water by himself unlike the time when he came to Tobi when he completely bed ridden. Now he is able to comprehend simple instructions given and communicates predominately through gesture and action. The motive behind this program is to make him walk and be independent in his self help skills. 


Story of Kajol
Name : Kajol
Age : 8 Years

Kajol was referred to Tobi School two years back. As the child was not able to communicate much information regarding the family background could not be obtained. The police station referred her to Tobi.

When Kajol was brought to Tobi she was found to be physically very weak. She was observed to get tired very soon and often. She had a pot belly and she was found suffering with infection. She was seen by the team of professional at Tobi.

A detailed psychological assessment revealed that she was functioning at moderate level of mental retardation and was placed in the pre-primary section. A special diet chart was maintained for her due to poor health. During the two year stay at Tobi the child had to be taken to the hospital several times. She was gradually diagnosed as having Spleenonegaly and has been suggested to undergo a surgery. Keeping her age in mind doctors have suggested to wait for a couple of years for the operation.

She is regularly under medication for the same. She is undergoing speech and language intervention to improve her communication skills. At present she is able to communicate meaningfully in simple sentences. Special educational program is planned keeping in mind her health problem.



Name : Stevenson                                                                        
Age : 9 Years
Stevenson aged nine years was brought to Tobi two years back. He was spotted at the Railway station. Information regarding her family background could not be obtained as he could not communicate.
The child was seen by a multi disciplinary team of Tobi. He was diagnosed as having hearing loss and was suggested a hearing aid with regular speech and language intervention. Psychological assessment reveals that he is a child with average intelligence having hearing loss. Initially he was found to be very aloof at the centre. He preferred to going to the terrace and sitting alone.

At present after two years of his stay, he shows interest in academics. He enjoys colouring and painting. He enjoys listening to music and dancing. He mingles with all the children and cooperates with others. He has a few behaviour problems. A behaviour modification programme is being planned for him. 



Name : Harish Chandra Prasad 
Age : 18 Years                                                                                                   
The client says that he belongs to Bastheyapuram Village, Chevella Mandal. Reportedly he was left at Tirupathi by his maternal uncle sons. The client’s father reportedly died of a heart-attack since one year back.

He used to stay with his brother, sister-in-law, mother. Brother is a farmer. The client used to work with his brother. Family member had gone for work. He was alone at home when his cousins asked him to come to Tirupathi for a visit. He was left at the railway station. He came in a bust from his village to Hyderabad. From Hyderabad to Tirupathi went in a train. He tried to getting up in various trains trying to come to Hyderabad. But he was asked to get down by the T.C. He kept getting until to train going to Hyderabad and was again asked to get down. Finally, this was after a few days reached Hyderabad on /1/2006 at 1 pm was picked up from the station by a volunteer of Tobi. He wants to go back now. 

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